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Some of the most difficult things to ship are made of glass. When I inherited most of the contents of my grandmother's house, I decided to sell the collectibles that were stored throughout. It was a difficult decision for me to make, not because of the sentimental value of these things, but because I was worried about how I would ship the stuff without it getting broken. Fortunately, I learned a lot about shipping these fragile items and have included much of what I learned here on my blog. You will find that it is possible to ship fragile items without any worries about it getting broken.


3 Elements Of Successful Pharmaceutical Shipping

27 February 2018
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Access to life-saving medications is essential in today's modern world. These medicines are created in laboratories by pharmaceutical companies, and must be distributed to pharmacies across the nation in order to provide patients with access to them. Shipping medications is a complicated task that requires careful attention to detail. Understanding the elements of successful pharmaceutical shipping will allow you to improve your own shipping practices in the future. 1. Proper Packaging Read More …