3 Elements Of Successful Pharmaceutical Shipping

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3 Elements Of Successful Pharmaceutical Shipping

27 February 2018
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Access to life-saving medications is essential in today's modern world. These medicines are created in laboratories by pharmaceutical companies, and must be distributed to pharmacies across the nation in order to provide patients with access to them.

Shipping medications is a complicated task that requires careful attention to detail. Understanding the elements of successful pharmaceutical shipping will allow you to improve your own shipping practices in the future.

1. Proper Packaging

One of the first things that you must consider when it comes to shipping medications is the type of packaging that will be used. Many medications need to be packaged in a manner that allows air to circulate freely around each individual dose.

Liquid medications must be packaged securely so they don't spill during transit. Determining the right packaging will help you prevent product loss or contamination when shipping medications.

2. Temperature Control

Once you have determined the type of packaging that is best suited to house your medications during shipping, you need to think about the temperature control needs of the medicines you will be transporting. Many medications need to be kept refrigerated in order to preserve the integrity of the active ingredients within the medications themselves.

Temperature control should play an essential role in developing a shipping plan. You may need to partner with a freight company that can provide access to refrigerated trailers and prevent the shipping of multiple types of medications in a single load if you have drugs that require strict temperature control.

3. Security

Another element that must be taken into consideration as you develop a shipping strategy for your medications is security. Theft is becoming a serious problem for major pharmaceutical companies. Prescription medications that are stolen during transit can be sold for a significant profit on the street.

You need to establish a clear chain of custody and partner with a freight company that can ensure the security of your medications. It can be helpful to reduce shipping times in order to minimize the opportunity for theft, and to utilize locked trailers that cannot be accessed by thieves while a semi driver is resting or refueling.

Taking precautions to ensure the proper shipping of your medications is important. Any successful shipping strategy should consider packaging, temperature control, and security elements. Taking these elements into account as you create a shipping plan will help you improve the condition and quality of your medications upon delivery.