Special Considerations For Couriers Who Want To Transport Vital Organs

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Special Considerations For Couriers Who Want To Transport Vital Organs

25 September 2015
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Donor organs are so difficult to come by that many Americans are on a waitlist to receive transplants. What often complicates the process is the fact that, as organs become available, they may be too far away to transport to the hospital where the next patients wait to receive the organs. What is needed are more couriers who can transport organs and transport them by air (helicopter) or land quickly and over several miles in a short time. If you think you would like to expand your courier business to transport vital organs to patients in need, here are some special considerations that you need to keep in mind before you make that generous leap.

Vital Organs Have to Be Kept Cold, but Not Frozen

Keeping vital organs cold preserves them for the time spent in transport from the donor's hospital to the recipient's hospital. You cannot put them in a freezer or pack them in dry ice, as it will destroy the tissues on a cellular level, thereby making them non-viable for transplanting. A refrigerated vehicle wherein you can adjust the temperature works. Coolers designated for the specific purpose of organ transplant transportation work too. Either of these choices is what you would have to invest in order to offer organ courier services.

Twenty-Four Hour Services

Because donor organs often come from patients who have met premature deaths, your courier service would have to be open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and your couriers would have to go on a moment's notice to pick organs up and drop them off. The only other possible way to operate a vital organs courier service is to have all of your couriers on a paging and rotation system and all of them would have to have a truck or moped at the ready. Helicopter couriers would have to meet the land couriers at a specified designation and be ready to take off immediately for any organ transport that was farther than a few hours away.

Experienced Drivers Who Know How to Get Around Traffic

Sometimes the most difficult times to complete deliveries are during high traffic and rush hour. If you are going to expand to include vital organ transplant, you will need experienced drivers on land who can get around traffic every day of the week. Vital organs are only viable for a very short time, even when they are on ice in a cooler or refrigerated truck, and a driver cannot be stuck in traffic waiting for the blockages to clear. You may want your drivers to show/prove that they can get around the city during these times before you expand and hire vital organ couriers for the job.

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