Own A Freight Brokerage Company? Why You Should Use Fleet GPS Tracking

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Own A Freight Brokerage Company? Why You Should Use Fleet GPS Tracking

27 February 2017
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If you own a freight brokerage company, you need to ensure that your product gets to the set location on time and in good condition. Even though your truck drivers are likely trustworthy, you can never be sure that all of them will do a good job for you, as well as if  your drivers are safe. Fortunately, there are some things you can do, such as use fleet GPS tracking in your trucks. Below is some more information about this to help you decide what would be best for you.

What is Fleet GPS Tracking?

If you install a GPS tracking system in your trucks it will be as if you were sitting in the passenger seat with your driver. This is because the GPS can ensure the trucks are operating and that your drivers are being responsible and safe. For example, if your driver has an accident you would be able to tell exactly where the truck is so you can contact authorities. You will be able to track each time the truck makes a stop and what time they arrive at the location, as well as what time they left. If someone steals one of your trucks, the GPS tracking system would allow you to determine where the truck is so you can get it back.

The drivers can use the GPS device to get directions to a location, and set up routes to the destination. Some GPS tracking systems can monitor the condition of the truck, such as tracking mileage and fuel consumption, as well as determine when it is time for maintenance, such as an oil change.

How Does Fleet GPS Tracking Work?

Fleet GPS tracking is a hardware device along with GPS fleet-tracking software. The GPS uses a range of satellites and ground stations that send signals to the GPS device to track in real time. The GPS devices can be fixed on the trucks or you can purchase portable units that the drivers would have to turn on themselves. With fixed devices, the GPS device turns on automatically when the truck is started up.

The information found on the GPS device is stored on either internal memory or on a memory card. You can then download the information to a computer so you can review it at a later date.

Using this type of device can help your freight brokerage company be even more successful and will help keep your customers happy. Get in touch with other freight brokerage companies for more info