The Transporter: Fleet Jobs You May Not Think Of When You Think Of Product Transport

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The Transporter: Fleet Jobs You May Not Think Of When You Think Of Product Transport

14 November 2015
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Most of the time, when you think of fleet jobs, you probably think of truck drivers, shipping companies and related jobs. However, there are some other jobs that would fall under this category of work. If you want to know more about shipping and receiving, especially as it applies to the transport and transfer of trucks and heavy equipment, the following jobs could be very enlightening.

Truck Transporter

This is a driver who literally transports a construction truck to its destination. He or she may catch a flight, a bus, a train or rent a car for one way travel after he/she has delivered the truck to the customer or the dealer. Because of the massive size of construction trucks (e.g., a massive dump truck), it is easier to transport the trucks to their destinations just by driving them there. Often, the company that pays the truck transporter his or her salary also pays the return travel expenses. There may also be opportunities for the truck transporter to take one construction truck to one location, and drive another back home again.

Aircraft Pilot

In areas where it may be impossible to get shipping trucks through, like many parts of Alaska, a fleet job is less about driving and more about flying. A helicopter or biplane pilot may be engaged with a shipping company for this unique line of work. Several flights every week to deliver products to remote areas is not unheard of, and if you have a pilot's license it may be one of the most fascinating fleet jobs you could have.

Safety Administrator

A safety administrator is someone that overseas the loading and unloading of all goods that are transported. The safety administrator coordinates and presents safety training, while also checking docks and truck loads to make sure that heavy loads are properly tied down inside the fleet's trucks. Monitoring the safe driving habits of the fleet's drivers may also part of the safety administrator's line of work.

As you can see, there are more behind-the-scenes fleet jobs than most people are aware of when they think about or imagine fleet jobs. Some of these jobs, like the truck transporter, are more unusual in nature than they are a behind-the-scenes job. You can learn a lot by visiting a shipping company and asking for a tour and asking questions about what types of jobs are available in that specific facet of the industry.